We may never be able to get into the flow state on command, but we can keep track of the factors that helped us get into and stay in it.

Recently, I started keeping track of how I entered the flow state, because I wanted to see for myself what factors increase the probability of me getting into it. I like entering the flow state because it keeps me happy and I get a lot of work done. I can’t ask for a better combination than that. You may also know that another sign of getting in the flow state…

Note: What I discuss also applies to neovim, which I also used alongside Vim

I’ve heard about Vim in more than a couple of occasions since I started my journey learning Computer Science. Vim is the best! Real programmers use Vim! Etc (comments exaggerated). I remember the first time — it was in my very first programming course, taught in the C language. My (evil) professor had challenged us to use Vim for the lab test, in which students who used Vim can get 1 mark more (1% of the grade for that test) than those who used the default Visual Studio Code. Muahahaha!

But first, backstory. I’ve always had a fascination with user…

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What is evergreen?

Evergreen is a community-driven tech publication focusing on long-term reviews of both hardware and software products. We want to encourage sustainability and avoid herd consumerism which we see nowadays. Here you would find a community that shares their experiences with using different tech products in the long term. If you connect with our values, do consider joining and writing for us!

What articles do we accept?

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Tux, the symbol of Linux

I think I’ve secretly been a Microsoft fan since I was 12. Why? I dunno. I’ve always perceived it to be an underdog with a lot of potential. I know it sounds absurd, but perhaps it’s because in the consumer market, it doesn’t receive as much brand love as Apple and Google. Growing up, Apple was cool and hip while Microsoft was seen as the boring and greedy one with frequent mess-ups and poor taste. …

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard after 10 months

10 months ago, I was on a mission to get an external keyboard for myself. I’m a student pursuing computer science, and wanted a keyboard that was more spacious and had more travel distance than the one on my Dell XPS 13. Did I need a keyboard? No. Looking back, it was something that I wanted to try because I had never owned one. Hence, the keyboard story was born…

Initial Considerations

Initially, I wanted to try a mechanical keyboard. After all, I’ve always heard praises about mechanical keyboards and seen many videos where these keyboards appear beside coders.

My first pick…

The Dell XPS 13 9370 after two and a half years

I’ve always wanted to review this laptop but just never got around doing it. After two and a half years, it’s finally time.

Huh, why read this review then?

Yeah, I know. You’re probably not gonna buy the exact model I have, but Dell is still selling XPS 13s with the same chassis design as mine but with newer specifications alongside the latest 2020 and 2021 models, which you may wanna consider. And, maybe you’re interested to see how well an XPS 13 holds up. If that could be you, please read on!

The Model

Calvin and Hobbes

How often do you look up to the moon?

For me, it’s rarely. But tonight is one of those nights where I head down for a walk. It is serene.

It is always in these moments — when time stands still and I am bathed in moonlight — that thoughts in the sea of my subconscious choose to surface.

And today they ask, “Who am I?”.

Truthfully, I have never known who I was. I remember the time when I first grew aware of the concept of “self”. It was a sudden realisation. …

If you do not want to install MySQL Server and MySQL Workbench directly into your Windows machine, you can obtain it from Docker, and still link it to your Spring Boot Application running locally. Here’s how!

Create docker-compose.yml file

First, create a docker-compose.yml file in a directory you want.


There are 2 images we specified— “mysql” and “adminer”. Adminer allows us to conveniently manage the databases created without having to use MySQL Workbench. It can also work for other databases such as PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

Start your Docker desktop app

Don’t miss out this step!

Run docker-compose up

In the directory of the docker-compose.yml, run docker-compose up. This starts the MySQL…

The Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm solves the Maximum Flow Problem from a source node to a sink node.

Pseudocode for Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm from MIT 6.046J Lecture 13: Network flow (mit.edu)

Looking at the pseudocode, we may somewhat understand it. But let’s hammer the nail fully today through an example.

Rui Le Gan

Hi! I love design, science, and technology. I write articles ranging from programming to long-term review of products.

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